Terms and Conditions for Course Registrations

By enrolling in classes at Mine Safety Training a student makes a financial commitment to pay the tuition and fee charges associated with that enrollment. The enrollment action constitutes a financial obligation between the student and Mine Safety Training.

The following terms and conditions are financial requirements of each student’s education related to their registration at Mine Safety Training. The payment of tuition and fees is the obligation of the student. By processing a course registration either via the Web or by submitting a course registration form to an academic student registration area, a student acknowledges they have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Registration constitutes a financial agreement between you (“Student”) and Mine Safety Training.
  • Once you formally register for classes, you assume the responsibility for understanding Mine Safety Training’s official policies concerning schedule changes, satisfactory academic progress and the financial policies.
  • Charges may be prepaid at any time in whole or in part without premium or penalty.
  • In the event that you become delinquent in paying Charges or default in repaying Charges you will be liable for collection fees and any other costs incurred by Mine Safety Training to collect any monies due from you.
  • Students withdrawing after the stated refund dates remain liable for full tuition and fee charges. Collection costs incurred in the event of delinquency shall be at the expense of the Student.
  • Mine Safety Training accepts payment via student financial aid and third party sponsorship, but the responsibility for payment remains with the student. It is your responsibility to keep track of your account balance and any funding sources. If financial aid is not granted or if third party sponsors do not pay within a reasonable period, the student will be required to pay the full amount due.
  • If Mine Safety Training prevails in a lawsuit to collect on this financial obligation, the Student will pay Mine Safety Training’s costs, collection agency costs and attorney’s fees in an amount the court finds to be reasonable.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are up to date with costs involving courses / skills programmes and maintain a method of communication to ensure receipt of all Mine Safety Training correspondence.
  • Submittance of this form, is your agreement with these Terms and Conditions
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