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Due to rising and more demanding training requirements in the market, Skillfull is focused on being the leader of up to date, recognizable and sustainable product delivery. This in effect eliminates compromisation, as it has no part in the high level of training that is offered and can be witnessed in the process for which Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators are nominated for each course. it is a priority that they are subject matter experts in their respectable fields.

Distance Mine Safety TrainingDistance Learning Courses

Skillfull offers many of it’s courses in a distance learning format for those who have little time or those who are unable to journey for the period of the course. We offer the same outstanding accredited training via these part time courses and can prove it with our many past succesful trainees.

On-Site Mine Safety TrainingOn-Site Training Courses

Skillfull also offers training at your premises. Please call for further information.

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Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming Event 1

    Safety Officers 3 - Full Time 

    (Ten Days)

    Skillfull Head Office - Carletonville

    Date: 2nd September 2019 - 13th September 2019

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  • Upcoming Event 2

    Safety Officers 1 - Full Time 

    (Ten Days)

    Skillfull Head Office - Carletonville

    Date: 23rd September 2019 - 4th October 2019

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  • Upcoming Event 3

    Safety Officers 2 - Full Time 

    (Ten Days)

    Skillfull Head Office - Carletonville

    Date: 14th October 2019 - 25th October 2019

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